Training & County Championships News

Tonights training in Shoreline will go ahead. Please only travel if it is safe to do so. 


The county cross country championships has been cancelled this weekend. A future date will be decided in the next week.



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Forest Feast Launch with GAC 2015

Sunday Run Venues

Lovely run this morning Sunday 23rd, in Deputy's Pass, with the sunshine and the autumn colours adding to the enjoyment of it. Shame so few of our GAC runners make the effort to attend, but well done to those who do. We can see you reaping the benefits week by week! Next week's run is Shanganagh Park!

Results Even Ages & Novice XC, Ashford

Athletics Wicklow-Juvenile Even Ages XC-
Adobe Acrobat Document 240.7 KB
Athletics Wicklow-Juvenile Even Ages XC-
Adobe Acrobat Document 250.5 KB
Athletics Wicklow-Novice XC-Ashford-2 Oc
Adobe Acrobat Document 237.5 KB

Results Uneven Ages & Intermediate XC, Roundwood

Athletics Wicklow-Intermediate XC-9 Octo
Adobe Acrobat Document 223.7 KB
Athletics Wicklow-Uneven Ages-Girls-Roun
Adobe Acrobat Document 246.1 KB
Athletics Wicklow-Uneven Ages-Boys-9 Oct
Adobe Acrobat Document 235.7 KB

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Discus Technique