Tribute to Coach Paul Howard

Tribute to their former coach Paul Howard, from Lisa & Rebecca on behalf of the group!
Paul, You've been training us for 5 years now. You made sure to come to all our competitions and calm our nerves when we always over react. You are a great trainer and coach and when we struggle you always spur us on and make us work to the best of our ability. We hope in the future you'll be able to point us out and say "I trained them" and in a proud, not embarrassed voice. Thanks for being such a good clothes hanger when everyone gives their gear to you just before the race.We hope to see you at any of our races and will always let you hold our coats for us. Your enthusiasm always helps us and when we hear you yelling at us to speed up in a race, we always try that little bit harder. We hope you've enjoyed this 5 years as much as we have and we'll miss you and 'pack it in!!'

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Forest Feast Launch with GAC 2015

Sunday Run Venues

This week's Sunday Run 21st May is Avondale! Warm-up 9.15, ready to run by 9.30am.

Teams for Leinster Relays 21/05/16
Leinster Relays may'16.doc
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Ages for Competition in 2016

U8    Born 2009

U9    Born 2008

U10  Born 2007

U11  Born 2006

U12  Born 2005

U13  Born 2004

U14  Born 2003

U15  Born 2002

U16  Born 2001

U17  Born 2000

U18  Born 1999

U19  Born 1998

Senior Born 1997 or before

Master on 35th birthday. Goes up in 5 yr groups ie O35, O40, O45 etc.

Link to Throws Videos