Club News and Trip List

A big welcome back to all our athletes after the summer break. Whether you’ve just had a couple of weeks off or have been resting for the entire summer, we hope that you are all coming back with renewed energy  for the challenging Cross Country season ahead of us. Your coaches have been putting training plans and race schedules in place and we look forward to lots of enthusiasm and commitment to training and some great competition over the next few months.
We say a sad goodbye to Ryan Montgomery, who has coached many of you over the last few years. He is moving to Germany to take up the position of Athletics Manager for the International Paralympic Council and will not be around for the foreseeable future. He will however be keeping tabs on all of you and will hopefully drop in to see us occasionally, when he’s back in Ireland. We congratulate Ryan on this great appointment and thank him for his tremendous dedication to the club and it’s athletes over the last few years. We wish him well in his new career. We will miss his enthusiasm, commitment , wit and humour!
We also say farewell to Niamh Kearney who heads off to Georgia State University in America shortly. Niamh is the first Greystones AC athlete to secure an athletics scholarship and we are very proud of her achievement. This is the result of her dedication and hard work and is well deserved. We will follow Niamh’s progress closely and keep you posted. Also moving on to college this year are Caoimhe Basquille, Ellie Hartnett, Aisling McGee, Laura Boylan, Ferdia Kenny, Cormac Hanlon and Jack Commons. All are top athletes and did exceptionally well in their exams and we congratulate them on their results and wish them well in the future. We hope they will all remain members of our club and drop down and train with us whenever they can!
Training for Groups 1&2 will start this week, Tues 30th Aug from 7-8.30pm. All athletes born in 2000 have been moved up to group 2 and those born in 1999 to group 1, from this date. Any athlete who would prefer to stay with there previous group should contact Theresa (0868635797) and this can be arranged.
Training for Groups 3,4 & 5 will start on Tues 6th Sept from 6-7pm.
Training for “Little Athletics” age 5-6 will start on Tues 6th Sept from 5-6pm.
This will give the younger athletes a chance to settle back into school before they return.
Group lists will be published on the web-site. Athletes who don’t return to training or get in touch with us during the first week, will be removed from these lists as we have many waiting to join.
The propose Summer trip (Mystery Tour) will be held on Sunday 18th Sept . A list of those who qualify for this trip is attached below. Please check this list and if you qualify and intend to take part, you should text Laura on 0871242673  We need numbers ASAP, so that we can make arrangements for the trip.
Once again we remind parents of the need to ensure coaches are present on the track when children are being dropped off and that you are there on time to collect them afterwards. There are a huge number of children coming on to and leaving the track, particularly at 7pm and with coaches busy trying to do the cool-down, hand out notes, put away equipment and sign in the next group, it is essential that parents are there on time and children are not left wandering about on their own. We suggest that, young children in particular are met at the entrance to the track  to ensure their safety, both from traffic and other possible dangers. We would also ask that children are encouraged to use the bathrooms before coming down to the track as we cannot allow them go up on their own and it greatly depletes our resources if we have to send our coaches up and down.


Last Name    First Name    Group
Dempsey    Conor    1
Hayes    Anna    1
Howard    Scott    1
Kenny    Isabel    1
Berney    Eve    2
Boylan    Sophie    2
Browne    Rachael    2
Cafferky    Dympna    2
Casey    Catherine    2
Dallaghan    Lisa    2
Dawson-Whelan    Alison    2
Dillane    Shauna    2
Mc Donnell    Aoife    2
Mc Parland    Susie    2
McTague    Aoife    2
Murphy    Rebecca    2
O'Carroll    Alannah    2
O'Neill    Sinead    2
Pluck    Daniel    2
Redford    Sadbh    2
Colbert    Caitlin    3
Cullen    Ciaran    3
Dallaghan    Frances    3
Diggin    Rachael    3
Healy    Megan    3
Kissane    Julianne    3
Lawless    Katie    3
Lawrence    Aisling    3
O'Neill    Alice    3
Potts    keeva    3
Randles    Claudia    3
Roche    Eva    3
Ryan    Aisha    3
Smyth    Aislinn    3
Wafer    Rose    3
Wilson    zoe    3
Curtis    Ella    4
Doyle    Jane    4
Gordon    Alan     4
Kelly    Sibeal    4
Kirwan    Grace    4
Maguire    Kerry    4
McClelland    Kelsie    4
McDonald    Jessica    4
Mulcahy    Elena    4
O'Brien    Megan    4
Pluck    Alison    4
Hartnett    Lily    5
O'Neill    Ellie    5
Colbert    Aidan    6
Dallaghan    Sophie    6
Holmes    Molly    6
Holmes    Grace    6
Lawerence    Eve    6
McNally    Ellen    6
Mulcahy    Julianne    6
Murphy    Kate    6
O'Brien    Erin    6
O'Neill    Maeve    6
Prendergast    Joe    6

Forest Feast Launch with GAC 2015


Selection of Relay Teams


Wicklow County Champs.

Wed. 8th May 6.30pm

Fri. 10th May 6.30pm

Sat. 11th May 1pm


U7-U11 Award Scheme Sat. 11th May 10.30am



T&F Programme 2024

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R3 of our Juvenile League.


New date :Saturday 17th Feb at 11:00 am Venue: Shanganagh Park


Please keep your race number from County XC's, as you will need it again for the Mini League events coming up shortly!