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Ellie takes Leinster crown at first attempt
The Greystones AC cross country season is well under way and after two weeks of county championships and the first weekend of Leinster championships, Greystones have produced a fine start to the cross country season.  Ellie Hartnett, in her first year as a senior,  won her last two championship races, taking both the County Intermediate title and the Leinster Novice title, at her first attempt.With her commanding and gutsy performance, she has set a fine example for her club mates, who themselves have contributed massively to Greystones AC's convincing medal haul in County even and uneven age group championships. With a total of 10 team medals 7 gold and 3 silver medals along with 25 individual medals, which included 11 gold medals, Greystones AC can claim to be the most successful club at this year’s county championships.
On the other side of the Atlantic, Greystones AC's Niamh Kearney started her scholarship year in Georgia State University by successfully helping her team, in her first championship race,  to take 3rd place,  5 spots higher than last year. Her next even will be the NCAA regional championships in two weeks!
The fantastic performances from all our athletes in the County even and novice events are:
 Girls U12:  Team Gold.......Gold Aisling Dalby, Bronze Aoife McTague, 5th Anna Clark,  6th Sinead O'Flaherty,  7th Sadie Breetveld,  8th Megan Healy,  9th Katie Lawless, 10th Niamh Redford, 11th Rachel Diggin, 13th Frances Dallaghan, 16th Eva Roche, 17th Sorcha Long, 19th Alison Pluck, 20th Rachel Casey, 21st Keeva Potts, 22nd Aisling Lawrence, 23rd Ellen Prendergast, 26th Zoe Byrne, 28th Thea McLoughlin,
 Boys U12: Team Silver...... 3rd Luke Horgan, 6th Jack Kissane, 12th Noah Daly, 13th Ciaran Cullen
Girls U14:  Team Gold........ Silver Sinead O'Neill,  Bronze Lisa Dallaghan,  4th Richael Browne, 6th Rebecca Murphy, 8th Susie McParland,  9th Sadhbh Redford, 11th Rosa Kirwan, 12th Isobel Kenny, 14th Rebecca Whelan, 15th Aoife McDonnell, 16th Sophie Boylan, 17th Zoe O'Donnell. 22nd Olivia Boxall
Boys U14:  Team Gold........ Gold 1 Steven Diggin, Silver Scott Howard, Bronze Eric Dalby,  6th Gavin Maher
Girls U16....... 4th Katy Conroy   Boys U16....... Silver Padraig Lennon
Girls U18........ Silver Amy Howard  Boys U18: Team Gold....... Gold Eoin Taggart, Silver Jamie Cullen, 6th Dylan Grimes Larkin
Novice Men......... 20th AJ Cotter
This was followed by even better results in the uneven and intermediate champs with
Girls U11:  Team Gold,...... Silver Kira Finn, 4th Katie Lawless, 7th Eva Roche, 8th Megan O'Brien,  9th Rachel Diggin,  11th Iseult Brosnan, 12th Aislinn Smith, 15th Frances Dallaghan,  17th Kerrie Williams, 18th Aisling Lawrence, 19th Alice O'Neill, 20th Grace Kirwan, 24h Julianne Kissane,  25th Ailbhe O'Flaherty, 28th Alison Pluck,  30th Lily Hartnett, 31th Ciara McDonnell,  32nd Elena Murphy,  39th Kate Murphy,  42th Thea McLoughlin
Boys U11: Team Silver..... 6th Leo Wyer,  8th Alan Gordon, 11th Ciaran Cullen, 12th Joe Dowd, 14th Jay Cafolla, 18th Aodhan Daly
Girls U13;  Team Silver....... Gold Sinead O'Neill,  Bronze Richael Browne, 4th Lisa Dallaghan, 5th Alison Dawson Whelan, 6th Alannah O'Carroll,  8th Susie McParland, 10th Dympna Cafferky, 11th Eve Berney, 12th Aisling Dalby,  13th Rebecca Murphy 15th Aoife McTague, 16th Aoife McDonnell, 17th Sophie Boylan,  18th Shauna Dillane, 19th Anna Clark,  22nd Rebecca Whelan 23rd,  Sinead O'Flaherty,  24th Megan Healy, 25th Sinead Mahon, 26th Olivia Boxall, 28th Alana Ryan, 32nd Sorcha Long33rd Catherine Casey, 35th Keeva Potts, 36th Ellen Prendergast, 37th Rachel Casey
Boys U13:  Team Gold..........Gold Eric Dalby, Silver Cian Baldwin, 4th Luke Horgan, 10th Jack Kissane, 15th Tiarnan Shortt 18th Noah Daly
Girls U15: Team Gold.......Gold  Anna Hayes, Silver Rosa Kirwan, Bronze Katy Conroy, 4th Zoe O'Donnell
Boys U15 Gold  Steven Diggin Bronze Scott Howard
Girls U17 Gold Amy Howard, Bronze Alisha Mullen
Boys U17 Team Gold...... Gold, Jamie Cullen, Silver Padraig Lennon,  8th Dylan Grimes Larkin
Girls U19 Silver Claire Fox
Intermediate Women Gold Ellie Hartnett 11th Jackie Patrick   Intermediate Men 21st AJ Cotter
Leinster Results:
Girls U12: Aoife McTague 53, Rachel Diggin 79, Sinead O'Flaherty 84, Julianne Kissane 100, Frances Dallaghan 113, Grace Kirwan 121, Alison Pluck 125, Amy Kavanagh 127.   
Boys U12: Luke Horgan 53, Jack Kissane 71, Noah Daly 101
Girls U14: Sinead O'Neill 24, Richael Browne 25, Lisa Dallaghan 34, Alison Dawson Whelan 36, Anna Hayes 42, Susie McParland 53, Alannah O'Carroll 56, Zoe O'Donnell 65, Rosa Kirwan 74, Aoife McDonald
Boys U14 Steven Diggin 10, Scott Howard 24
Girls U16: Katy Conroy 40, Alisha Mullen 50      Boys U16: Padraig Lennon 22
Girls U18 Amy Howard 12     Boys U18; Eoin Taggart 3, Jamie Cullen 8, Dylan Grimes Larkin 36
Novice Women: Ellie Hartnett 1st     Masters Women: Jackie Patrick 3rd M3   Masters Men: AJ Cotter 30th M2
The following athletes have qualified for the Nationals Cross Country in Sligo:
Steven Diggin, Amy Howard, Eoin Taggart, Jamie Cullen, Dylan Grimes Larkin, Sinead O'Neill, Richael Browne, Lisa Dallaghan, Alison Dawson Whelan, Anna Hayes, Susie McParland
Day 2
Girls U11: Rachel Diggin 58, Sophie Nicholson 59, Katie Lawless 88, Frances Dallaghan 93, Eva Roche 97, Kira Finn 99, Megan O’Brien 104, Grace Kirwan 103, Aisling Lawrence 115, Alice o’Neill 119, Alison Pluck 127, Ailbhe O Flaherty 128, Ciara McDonnell 132.     Boys U11: Leo Wyer 90, Alan Gordan 92, Ciaran Cullen 103.
Girls U13: Sinead O'Neill 16, Lisa Dallaghan 21, Richael Browne 25, Alison Dawson Whelan 31, Rebecca Murphy 45, Susie McParland 47, Hilary Gallagher 52, Eve Berney 53, Dymphna Cafferky 58, Alannah O’carroll 61, Aisling Dalby 71, Sinead O’Flaherty 86, Sophie Boylan 96, Aoife McDonnell 102.   Boys U13; Eric Dalby 38.
Girls U15: Laura Fitzgerald 23, Anna Hayes 25, Zoe O’Donnell 45, Sadhbh Redford 46, Rosa Kirwan 53, Katy Conroy 55, Isabel Kenny 65.     Boys u15: Steven Diggin 22, Cillian Browne 32, Scott Howard 46.
Girls U17: Amy Howard 27, Aisling McCabe 29, Isabel O’grady 34, Alisha Mullen 35.   
Boys u17: Eoin Taggart 2, Jamie Cullen 9, Padraig Lennon 20, Dylan Grimes Larkin 44.

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